It is now much easier for you to get your free Minecraft gift card codes

Free Minecraft Gift Card Codes - Absolutely Guaranteed Delivery!Our team has now made it even easier for you to get your free Minecraft gift codes! We have recently updated to new content lockers that make our offers even easier for you to complete, giving you your free Minecraft code more than twice as fast! The content lockers were previously not as user friendly, making it a little harder to complete the offers available in your areas, causing frustration, hateful emails, and the like. We have responded by rectifying all of this for you. We have just changed our offers by weeding out the absolutely annoying and seemfully impossible to complete ones, and added much simpler offers that require a simple email address submission and perhaps a few checkboxes to be selected. The download offers simply require you to download the software, install it, and use it once. Once you’ve done that, the content locker will unlocked, guaranteed. Then you can simply uninstall the software from Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs! Simple stuff really!

Minecraft, easily defined, is a grown up, glorified game of Legos that (thankfully) doesn’t make a mess. You basically walk around building houses, cities, buildings, underground lava lairs, and then easily tearing them down easily without all the mess. (Can you tell I’m a parent of Lego aged kids?) While you are doing your elite construction, building the glass and diamond house of your dreams, you are playing on a server with a bunch of other people. The fun part is that you can interact with them in a massive virtual world! You can help them build their legacy, and they can help you build yours. Another good aspect of the game is iff you are offline and someone destroys your house or city, on most servers the admins will rebuild whatever was destroyed, and permanently ban the culprit. You are also allowed to trade things, for example, if you need diamonds, a friend can give them to you, you could give them to them, or simply buy them from the many already-established shops located on the server you’re playing on.

Now, down to the “nitty gritty” of Minecraft, and our entire reason for being. Money. First and foremost, you have to download the game. Yes, it’s simply from a website, but even so. Time, bandwidth, and a little bit of your life is wasted. On top of that you have to pay $26.99 just for the membership. The membership is permanent which is a nice bonus, but who wants to pay that entire $26.99? That price is pretty steep if you ask me! You can download the game onto your PC, but you STILL have to pay that membership fee just to play online with friends. I will give Minecraft a little more credit; they have made it easier to play the game, especially on the go! I was able to download Minecraft on my iPhone for a mere $6.99, and then realized I still had to pay the $26.99 to play.

This is what prompted us to take action. We took all the Minecraft membership codes we could collect from everyone we knew, and entered all of these used codes into a program that scans for any types of patterns within the collection of codes themselves. From there, our program produces an algorithm, or a complex equation, that produces codes based on patterns and similarities found by the original used codes we had entered into our program. Once we’ve defeated their code generator, we were able to create our own so we can generate free Minecraft codes for you!

We test our generators daily to make sure they are still working and Minecraft hasn’t caught on and changed their own algorithms to stop us from giving you your free Minecraft Gift Codes. Even if they did, we’d still figure it out. We’ve been in this ‘cracking programs’ game for over a decade. So until they go crazy random, we’ve got you covered!

A word of advice, if you want to get Minecraft on any of your Apple iThings, I recommend visiting our partner site Free iTunes Codes and get a free iTunes card so you don’t have to waste your $6.99 like I did. :D

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