Play Minecraft when you can't go outside!

Mine your way through the blues playing Minecraft!

Play Minecraft when you can't go outside!It is now officially spring and we all know what comes with spring; April showers bring May flowers! March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, etc. My most favorite part of spring… THUNDERSTORMS! There is nothing better than falling asleep to the soothing sounds of rain and storms, but the trouble really only comes in with the waking hours. What is there to do? You can only watch so many movies, or read so many books before you start pacing the halls crawling out of your skin trying to find something… ANYTHING to do other than run around outside in the cold, wet stuff that is ruining your day.

After you run out of options and have dang near paced a hole through the floor, you go on the internet. The internet has endless possibilities, laughs, tears, and gasps around every corner. Blogging sites are awesome, especially the funny pic ones like LOLcats, but you will eventually hit the end of the internet, crashing through it’s pixelated boundary lines.

Eventually somewhere along the line you will find something about Minecraft (Or heck, some other super bored person may even tell you about it!). Have you ever read the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Well it’s the same concept. If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want some milk. And if you give a person Minecraft, they are going to want to play. At this point you will be so excited to get in there and get going with the building of your own 3D town with other bored townsfolk just like you. You register your account only to discover that you need to fork over almost $27.00 to actually even PLAY the game. And now your thunderstorm blues have drifted back into their downward spiral.

We had the same problem. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, can’t even sit outside. At this point only 2 people in our group played Minecraft, so we thought we’d give it a whirl, until we got to the payment part. While this game is highly addicting (I will repeat HIGHLY, so please, play at your own risk!) it doesn’t have the greatest graphics in the world. But believe me, the lack of graphics makes up in the fun of it’s gameplay.

Since we were all broke, we created a generator that simply generates Minecraft codes for memberships. We all ended up playing for free (it’s only a one time fee, thankfully!) and ended up inviting a few people for a Beta group in hopes that they would receive their own free Minecraft codes, which they did. We took our generator public last year, and have had nothing but glowing remarks about how we helped them get their free Minecraft codes.

Getting your code is easy. Simply complete an offer in our content locker, and blammo, Your free Minecraft code will pop up in the handy box we have provided! So don’t get locked up with the blues this spring, just visit our site to get your free membership code for Minecraft and play today!